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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

North West Florida Daily News: Florida's marriage amendment

North West Florida Daily News
Florida's marriage amendment
December 26, 2007

The Florida Marriage Protection Amendment will establish one standard,
and only one, under which government will acknowledge an intimate
personal relationship. That standard, according to the ballot wording,
is "the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and
wife." The effect on couples and families could be profound. People of
any gender who've made deep, intimate, lifelong commitments to each
other - but without benefit of a marriage license - could find
themselves on shaky legal and financial ground. Domestic partnership
rights could vanish...

It's clear: The amendment aims to discourage all unmarried unions, gay
or straight...

Everyone who favors smaller, less intrusive government - especially
everyone who'd rather see government keep its nose out of our most
intimate relationships - should hope that the Marriage Protection
Amendment never makes it to the ballot; or that if it does, voters
will have the good sense to reject it.


Anonymous said...

But you actually WANT government involved in your itimate relationships--You want them to be recognized so you can insurance, visitation rights, etc. You just don't want government intrusion when it differs from your point of view.