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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Depot Founder: Retailers Who Don't Support GOP "Should Be Shot"

Nadine Smith
10:00am Nov 19th
Home Depot Founder: Retailers Who Don't Support GOP "Should Be Shot"

Home Depot Founder: Retailers Who Don't Support GOP "Should Be Shot" - The Huffington Postk:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comedian Wanda Sykes Comes Out: "I’m Proud To Be Gay and Married"


Dozens of rallies were held around the nation on Saturday to protest the passage of anti-gay ballot measures in CA, Fl, AZ and AR. Sykes was married to her wife in California. The passage of  Prop 8 and re-banned same-sex marriage and sparked a fury. But only one that I know of featured a prominent celebrity coming out of the closet, and that would be the one here at the GLBT Community Center. Here she is...

I've also posted the audio of Sykes' remarks and my brief interview with her in the podcast feed. It adds up to about 8 minutes and you can hear it by clicking here or you can save it to your computer by right-clicking here

Here's a little bit of what Sykes said. She started by talking about how exciting it was to her to see Obama elected:

"I thought, man we are moving in the right direction. And then at about 11 o'clock I was crushed. We took a huge leap forward and then got dragged 12 feet back. I felt like I was being attacked, personally attacked, our community was attacked. I got married Oct. 25, I don't really talk about my sexual orientation, I felt like I was living my life, I wasn't in the closet, but I was just living my life. Everybody who knows me personally, they know I'm gay. And that's the way people should be able to live our lives, really. We shouldn't have to be standing out here demanding something we automatically should have as citizens of this country. ... They pissed off the wrong group of people. They have galvanized a community. We are so together now and we all want the same thing and we shouldn't have to settle for less. Instead of having gay marriage in California, no, we're gonna have gay marriage across the country. When my wife and I leave California, I want to have my marriage also recognized in Nevada, in Arizona, all the way to New York. ... I'm proud to be a woman, I'm proud to be a black woman and I'm proud to be gay."

In my interview with her, she said this: "People shouldn't have to talk about their sexual orientation, we shouldn't have to do it, but with the legislation that they passed, I can't sit by and just watch. I just can't do it."

Sykes also disputed the much-reported claim that 70 percent of black voters in California voted to ban gay marriage. Several prominent writers, including Dan Savage here, have railed against homophobic blacks. Wanda said the exit polls were wrong and admonished me, "Please stop spreading that 70 percent of African-Americans voted Yes on Prop 8 because it's just not true."

After the speeches, the very large -- figure more than 1,000 people -- crowd lined Sahara Avenue with signs. This gives some sense of how immense this was.

Source: Karen Ocamb

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keith Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love

Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love

Everyone deserves the same chance at permanence and happiness

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Bittersweet Update- Results Are In


Amendment 2 has passed.

Before I give what looks like the final numbers I just want to say thank you.

The amendment battle has made it crystal clear that Floridians believe it is wrong to punish unmarried couples by taking away benefits and protections. Through newspaper editorials, town hall meetings, rallies, thousands of emails, and statewide polling, Floridians have stated again and again that they believe it is right to provide benefits to unmarried couples, gay and straight.

An incredible coalition has been forged through this effort. A coalition that doesn't only believe in protecting all unmarried couples, but is also willing to fight for those protections.

Equality Florida and all of the 260+ organizations that make up the Fairness for All Families Coalition, will continue to fight for protections for all families in Florida and to ensure not one single person loses their benefits because of this amendment.

All of the polling showed that the more Florida voters learned about this measure, the more they rejected it. We simply ran out of time to educate the million of voters necessary. The far right backers of this amendment thought they would have an easy march through Florida, a state they bank on for pushing their divisive tactics. Only by deceiving voters, were they able to pass this amendment and that is why we will continue to educate the public on the value of all families.

Okay, so here we are:

Amendment 2 has passed.

YES- 4,319,547 votes (62.4%)
NO- 2,607,955 votes (37.6%)

Barack Obama is our new president and has turned Florida blue.

Obama- 3,719,917 (50.6%)
McCain- 3,576,534 (48.6%)

Prop 102 in Arizona has passed (AZ's version of Amendment 2).

YES- 56%
NO- 44%

Prop 8 in California is still too early to tell, but at the moment looks likely to pass.

YES- 56.3%
NO- 43.7%

It's going to be a long night. More updates to come.


The NOs Are Creeping UP!


Hold onto your towels, the game is not yet over! The number of NO votes coming in are growing, slowly by steadily. We're still in the race.

YES- 3,877,926 (62.7%)
NO- 2,307,529 (37.3%)


From Mary Wilson in Orange County

You sent me to Catalyst church. I got there at 9:30 and stayed till 2PM. Both the pastor and his wife and a guy directing traffic tried to get me to stop handing people flyers claiming that it might cause cars stopped while still in the street because I was talking to a car further in. The pastor threatened me and told me he was going to have me removed.

I moved to the right of way line in the driveway. The pastor sent over the cop. `I was legal. The traffic guy stood in front of me to stop me talking to or handing anything to people coming in. It was overwhelming Obama.. But I worry about 2.
Mary Wilson

Join Us for a Election Returns Party

We want everyone to have an event they can attend to watch election returns at the end of the day. Election parties are listed below for counties where information is available:

Broward: LGBT GOTV Center in Wilton Manors. 2040 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors (near 5 points).

Jacksonville: Ragland's Restaurant and Fuel Coffee House - 1037 Park St, Jacksonville

Miami: Halo 1625 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Orange: Orange County Democratic Party Watch Party, Orlando Regional History Center 9:00pm 65 East Central Blvd. Orlando.

St Petersburg: Georgie's Alibi, 3100 3rd Ave. North St Petersburg

Tampa: Streetcar Charlies, 1811 N. 15th St., Tampa, FL, or Gaspar's Grotto, 1805 E. Seventh Ave., Tampa, FL 33605

Gainesville: Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St. Gainesville, or Gator's Dockside 3842 W. Newbury Rd

Tallahassee: Steele City Saloon, 515 John Knox Road, Tallahassee - this part is in the basement of the bar.

Palm Beach County: South County Civic Center in Del Ray (Jog Rd. in Delray across from Morikami Park) starting at 8:00 pm.

We're in a Holding Pattern

The results keep pouring in, but the numbers remain the same. At this point 45.5% of the votes in Florida are in.

YES- 3,183,451 (63.3%)
NO- 1,848,610 (36.7%)

Hello Form Gainesville

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a successful day. We exceeded our expectations here in Gainesville. We had 43 people at precincts throughout the day in Alachua and another 11 (at least) in neighboring counties. Plus we had Alachua DEC workers at almost every precinct in the county handing out the NO on 2 message for almost the entire day. We received an overwhelmingly good response here and definitely pulled A LOT of votes from all ideologies and parties.

It has been amazing to work with you. I've learned so much on this journey and I've come to admire each and every one of you. No matter what happens tonight, I want to thank you all for an incredible campaign.

Gaby Madriz

Miami New Times: Eleciont Day No Scene in Kendall

Election Day: No Scene in Kendall

This past Sunday –- the last day for early voting in Florida –- the line at the Kendall Branch Library wrapped around the building and stretched down the street, almost all the way to Kendall Drive. This morning at 7:45, traffic was remarkably subdued. Where were the lawn-parking hordes that had littered the streets with McCain/Palin and Raul Martinez flyers? This morning the library parking lot wasn’t even full, and the line of voters didn’t even extend as far as the sidewalk. Under gray skies and cool breezes, the sign holders and flag wavers were at a blissful minimum. The McCain guy barely muttered a “g’morning” as this New Times reporter walked past him. Ruth Zalph, an elderly Obama campaigner; and Jean Ritter, who held signs and flyers with bold "No On 2" messages on them, were more approachable. Ritter gave eloquent reasons to support her cause, and Zalph could only speak for herself, not for her demographic.

“As far as my age, I find it hard to say who people are voting for. I support Obama for so many reasons: An end to the war in Iraq. A way to improve our status around the world. To stop the outsourcing of jobs. And the deregulation of Wall Street. McCain has voted for all of it, and with Bush all the way. He’s a warrior. That’s in his nature. We don’t need a warrior right now. No justice, no peace. There will never be peace without justice.”

Voters trickled in dribs and drabs; the shockingly short line moved quickly. People sipped coffee and read the sample ballots being handed out to them. One woman put on mascara and got ready for work while waiting in line. Many of the freshly stickered voters didn’t have the time or desire to chat with New Times after they cast their ballots. “I gotta run -- I got work,” one woman practically shrieked as I made eye contact with her. “Sorry, honey, I gotta get to work,” declared a mother, who had just voted with her teenage daughter in tow. They seemed relieved at the speed of the voting process.

At the 7-Eleven across the street, the voting results seemed more immediately apparent. “Sorry, we’re out of Obama cups,” the cashier informed an inquiring customer. A stack of red John McCain cups remained.

-- Patrice Yursik

Numbers reported thus far

It looks like the smaller counties have reported and some of the early voting results:

62.9% Yes
37.1% NO

You Will Not Believe This!

Over at the polling precinct near Bell Shoals Baptist church the Yes on 2 folks have a fellow dressed in drag prancing about telling
people: This is what your children will be exposed to if you vote No on 2.

You can't make this stuff up.

We are hoping to capture the magic on film. Sally is enroute with a camera.

Don't let up for a moment.

Be On the Lookout for Dirty Tricks

Report by Rev. Dee Graham, Voter, Precinct 270:

About 9:30 a.m., Signa Quandt and I went to Precinct 270 to vote.
Signa, who was confined to a manual wheel chair and uses a service dog, was pushed by me.
We went into the precinct, which had no lines.
I wheeled Signa up to her alphabetical sign-in, and then stood next to her at her own sign-in book.
Waiting for the worker to find her name in the book, the precinct captain, Janice, came over, stood behind the worker, motioned and asked me to remove her button that read: “ Even though she knew she could have refused, because it is legal to wear such a pin when one is voting, Dee quietly took off the button and put it in her pocket without argument.

When both had their second step paperwork, Dee pushed Signa’s wheelchair until an appropriate setup was made available at a table where she could reach a voting surface. Then Dee went to one of the usual voting booths, the second from the last one.

At that booth, set up for the unsuspecting next voter to see, was a paid political advertisement from and a list of the amendments with YES clearly checked for number 2. Clearly, this propaganda had been left in the booth in plain sight of the next unsuspecting voter.

Noting the contradiction at Precinct 270, that while I had been told to remove my NO-on-2 button, I would find Yes-on-2 instructions in the voting booth, I asked to speak to the precinct captain and was directed to Janice.

I informed Janice of the situation and reminded her that the law would allow me to wear my button but that I removed it voluntarily at her request. I showed her the propaganda I had removed from the voting booth. She asked me if I would like to file a complaint with the supervisor of elections and I said yes. She asked me if I would like her to dispose of the propaganda and I declined. She gave me a simple voter response card.

At this point I had put my NO-on-2 pin back on, and Signa was ready to be pushed in her chair from her voting location at the table to the exit line. However, I was stopped at the door by another poll worker and told I would have to take off my pin before I could go get her to push her to the place where she could deposit her vote and to leave.
During the time we were having this conversation and I was explaining what had happened and that I had the legal right to continue to wear the pin, Signa managed to maneuver herself to the place where she could deposit her ballot and I then pushed her out the door.

Rev. Dee Graham
Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Are Definitely Pulling NO Votes @ The Polls

Terry in Gainesville is working the polls this morning. He says our side has lots of support. One man in a marjority Black precinct told him Barack Obama had called last night to say Vote No On 2.

I assume he's talking about one of our 340,000 Robo calls to Black voters over the past three days that includes the fact that Sen. Obama opposes the amendment.

Final Street Rally in Panama City!

Good Morning All!

I just wanted to pass a quick note on photo about our 4th and final street rally here in Panama City. It was by far the best in both location and participants. The final rally was attended by over 30 participants who held signs, cheered as cars went by hooking their horns, and provide Vote No on 2 post cards to those who asked for them. The rally, which started at 5 PM, was only to last about an hours, but majority wanted to stay longer and make more of a difference. So at 7 PM, we finally decided to call it a night.

The reactions that were received by those passing by, give me chill bumps. The sound of the horns reminded me of my days inAtlanta on I75/85 when I was driving to slow in the right hand lane. I have become extremely proud of the ever growing LGBT/Ally community here in Panama City, and Nadine, I think you would be as well.

My 2007 New Year resolution was to get involve more with the LGBT community in this area, and had I known what a great group this area has, I would have gotten involved a lot sooner! It has been a great opportunity to have the chance to work on such an important issue as Amendment 2, and I want to thank each of your for your continued support and dedication that you have put in throughout the entire state.

I will close with this: If form some reason we don’t win, it damn sure wasn’t for a lack of trying! Attached is a photo of some of the participants at our last rally. I am sure you can see the excitement on everyone’s face and know that not only a great time was had, but also they felt great about providing the truth on 2!

Michael G

Monday, November 3, 2008

3 Years in the Making

Dear VoteNoOn2 Partners, Teammates and Steering Committee Members,

It's now 11:45pm and about 15 minutes away from Nov. 4, 2008., a day that most of us have spent the last three years thinking was light years away.

I'll do my best to keep this short and sweet...thank you. :) Thank you to each of you for your hard work and your commitment. Thank you for being there during the bumps and bruises of this campaign, thank you for being cheerleaders and rabble rousers, and thank you for picking up your phones when we call!

Tomorrow and this week there will no doubt be a slew of acknowledgments, however the winds may blow, but I want you to know that right now, in this moment before history is made, that it has been my honor and privledge to work with each of you. I can't imagine where else I would have wanted to spend the last three years of my life and I look forward, whatever the outcome, to continue working with you to make this state and more fair and just place.

Sincerely and in Fairness,

Joseph Saunders
Field Director
Fairness for All Families/VoteNoOn2