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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final Street Rally in Panama City!

Good Morning All!

I just wanted to pass a quick note on photo about our 4th and final street rally here in Panama City. It was by far the best in both location and participants. The final rally was attended by over 30 participants who held signs, cheered as cars went by hooking their horns, and provide Vote No on 2 post cards to those who asked for them. The rally, which started at 5 PM, was only to last about an hours, but majority wanted to stay longer and make more of a difference. So at 7 PM, we finally decided to call it a night.

The reactions that were received by those passing by, give me chill bumps. The sound of the horns reminded me of my days inAtlanta on I75/85 when I was driving to slow in the right hand lane. I have become extremely proud of the ever growing LGBT/Ally community here in Panama City, and Nadine, I think you would be as well.

My 2007 New Year resolution was to get involve more with the LGBT community in this area, and had I known what a great group this area has, I would have gotten involved a lot sooner! It has been a great opportunity to have the chance to work on such an important issue as Amendment 2, and I want to thank each of your for your continued support and dedication that you have put in throughout the entire state.

I will close with this: If form some reason we don’t win, it damn sure wasn’t for a lack of trying! Attached is a photo of some of the participants at our last rally. I am sure you can see the excitement on everyone’s face and know that not only a great time was had, but also they felt great about providing the truth on 2!

Michael G