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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Bittersweet Update- Results Are In


Amendment 2 has passed.

Before I give what looks like the final numbers I just want to say thank you.

The amendment battle has made it crystal clear that Floridians believe it is wrong to punish unmarried couples by taking away benefits and protections. Through newspaper editorials, town hall meetings, rallies, thousands of emails, and statewide polling, Floridians have stated again and again that they believe it is right to provide benefits to unmarried couples, gay and straight.

An incredible coalition has been forged through this effort. A coalition that doesn't only believe in protecting all unmarried couples, but is also willing to fight for those protections.

Equality Florida and all of the 260+ organizations that make up the Fairness for All Families Coalition, will continue to fight for protections for all families in Florida and to ensure not one single person loses their benefits because of this amendment.

All of the polling showed that the more Florida voters learned about this measure, the more they rejected it. We simply ran out of time to educate the million of voters necessary. The far right backers of this amendment thought they would have an easy march through Florida, a state they bank on for pushing their divisive tactics. Only by deceiving voters, were they able to pass this amendment and that is why we will continue to educate the public on the value of all families.

Okay, so here we are:

Amendment 2 has passed.

YES- 4,319,547 votes (62.4%)
NO- 2,607,955 votes (37.6%)

Barack Obama is our new president and has turned Florida blue.

Obama- 3,719,917 (50.6%)
McCain- 3,576,534 (48.6%)

Prop 102 in Arizona has passed (AZ's version of Amendment 2).

YES- 56%
NO- 44%

Prop 8 in California is still too early to tell, but at the moment looks likely to pass.

YES- 56.3%
NO- 43.7%

It's going to be a long night. More updates to come.



tina said...

Bittersweet indeed.

I cried tears of joy tonight. I got on my knees and thanked the Lord that he heard my prayers and am so glad that Obama is our new President Elect and I prayed that He would grant him safety and security so that he may lead this nation towards a better future.

I also cried tears of sorrow tonight that in the same breath as we celebrate overcoming one major form of bigotry that was once sanctioned by government and the American people, Americans have today, in several states, reconfirmed their prejudice and discrimination towards another minority of people.

As a black woman, I am proud of my fellow citizens of this nation in what they have displayed today. As a lesbian who has found a partner to love for all the days of my life, I am saddened that, for now, there still remain grave injustices that have yet to be conquered. Hopefully, we see this change in our lifetimes, if not, then perhaps in the lifetimes of our two daughters.

Arties32 said...

How, in this apparent time of optimism and ground-breaking change can the same people who pulled the lever for Obama have done this to my own family?

Mixed high emotions ruled the night, but I am left wondering how I can (in good conscience) stay in this state and contribute to it in any way. It's uncomfortable and difficult to be in a group of the legally justified oppressed while watching most of the rest of the citizens of my country enjoying progress and hope.

Definitely bittersweet, an odd mixture of emotion to say the least. Thanks to everyone for all of their efforts to educate the population. If only the outcome had been different in this case, I might be more optimistic and proud today.

Debbie said...

I wonder what would happen if we staged a strike? It worked for blacks, immigrants, and John Stamos even made a movie about it. How would it effect the Florida economy if 10% of the population(or more if supporters did it too) stayed home and didn't spend any money for a few days (or even one day)? Would our voice be heard? Could we make it happen?

Terry said...

What are the chances of this being declared unconstitutional? Or is something like that even possible..

Anonymous said...

So now we're here. What does this mean to those of us in same-sex relationships and with small children, should we pack up and leave the state or petition to have the plegde read (justice for some) instead of (justice for all)?

Roger D. said...

I am angry but not surprised. The majority of people that I talked to could not even understand the wording of this Amendment. But promoted as a anti-gay marriage amendment was all that was needed to be said. This only shows that majority of Floridians who voted yes are not educated enough to make legal decisions and understand the implications or so prejudice they cannot see beyond themselves. I now feel that I have lost my rights as an American. I have a domestic partner of 22 years, we share both domestic partner benefits and a legal trust formed nearly 10 years ago. Both are now threated. Are there any states that are more tolerant? I've lived in Florida all my life and I have told my domestic partner I believe now is the time to leave the state. But were do we go? What state is more tolerant of same sex couples? It's not that we want to marry, our commitment of 22 years already proves that. But losing rights as an American is unacceptable. Though I am very excited about our new President, it is our state that I have concerns with and I believe our new President cannot fix that. Passing this Amendment clearly shows our state does not recognize seperation of church and state.

mountain said...

I really regret not paying more attention to this amendment. I never thought that it would actually pass. In hindsight, I would have focused more on this and less on the presidential campaign if I knew how things would have turned out. Is there anything that can be done at this point? Are there any legal challenges that can be made? Is it really too late?

Eggman said...

Rather than cutting and pasting my comment from my blog, please see:

and my post, "Confused on the Day After."

Lame and Blind said...

Yesterday a spirit of fear gained victory over a spirit of love. I haven't been this disappointed in my fellow Christians for some time.

I hope one day we can be forgiven for it.

ladykingcole said...

I agree about the idea of a strike. my brother is getting married in a month, my brother from a family of focus on the famil supporters. i want so bad to boycott my own brother's wedding as i am so upset. Congrats on a wonderful success as a president. Normally i would be soooo happy. But i can not help to think of all the ignorant people that feel they need to vote to strip us of our rights. Its time to get angressive, we should not let this stand!!!!!

Joe said...

I am a man married to a woman, but I am as saddened by this as I am happy that Obama prevailed. I might even feel worse about this than my state voting twice for Bush. Only a bigot would vote for this. There is no advantage for anyone who voted yes—none whatsoever. The only people who can protect marriage are those who are married.

It seems to me that over the last 24 years I've spent on this earth the only danger to marriage has been those who are allowed the right to marry and abuse that right by jumping into it and then out of it.

I am sorry to all people affected by this. You deserve the right to marry more than most. You work harder for this than anyone else, and you deserve it.

I saw a good article posted by the times stating to not vote yes on this amendment, and the comments sickened me. I feel disgusted by people of my sexual orientation that voted for this. It is kind of strange to belong to a group that you also do not understand.

Florida has too many rednecks. They finally voted for a black man, but they couldn't go the extra step to vote for "queers." I use that term in redneck parlance only. I am quite surprised that even California wasn't able to stop this. Although I don't know what percentage is required to put it into their constitution. Hopefully the same 60% as required here.

I used to be proud to be a Floridian. They may have convinced us that this state is blue once again, but I know better. Florida is red—the color of hate.

badvertising said...

Does anybody know if we can put forth an amendment in 2010 that says marriage is between one man and one woman (and getting rid of all the other bs language in this amendment)? You know, baby steps. As a gay guy I don't care about the word, just my life.

JLowe said...

OK Gang. It happend. Now, lets do something about it. What is this organization or Eq FL or any of them doing. The citizens of California got off their butt and hit the streets the very next day and yet we here....did nothing!!! This is why we will get nothing!!!

Topanga said...

Me and my boyfriend are registered domestic partners in Broward Co. What is going to happen to us now?? He needs my medical. Are they just gonna "divorce" us??? Help?!

Anonymous said...

November 6, 2008

Today is November 6, 2008, two days after Election Day.
Still very excited that Mr. Barack Obama won the Presidency of the United States of America. A lot of people have talked that this election is not about race. But when he won, it became an historic moment but let’s be honest. We knew it was going to be. I feel compelled and let me be clear (I am a white woman) to be in this time in history.
I get emotional just thinking that 43 years ago Black people could not vote. I feel emotional just thinking about the reaction of Mrs. Parks if she could have seen Mr. Obama as the new President of the United States of America.
On the other hand I am outraged and completed disgusted in regards to the votes of the American People in the States of California and Florida.
First of All, the law makers in Florida did everything they could to confuse people in order to vote Yes on 2 stating that is was going to be to give Homosexuals the right to marry in the state. PEOPLE!!! Gay marriage is illegal anyway in the State. It’s not like we had it and now you’re making it illegal. We never had it.
The wording of this Amendment was: "In as much as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."
Amendment 2 will not only affect gay and lesbian Floridians, but all unmarried couples, especially seniors who can share some benefits such as hospital visitation privileges and health care coverage without being married.
With the passage of Amendment 2, domestic partnerships in Broward and Palm Beach Counties and the cities of Tampa, Gainesville and Miami Beach could be threatened. Also, companies and universities that offer domestic partnership benefits, such as insurance.

The Florida Legislature has warned about Amendment 2:"(The Amendment) adds a new prohibition for unions that are 'the substantial equivalent' of marriage. The amendment provides no definition for the phrase 'substantial equivalent thereof,' which lends to the ambiguity of the wording of the proposed amendment." The warning continues: "If domestic partnership registries are deemed substantially equivalent to marriage, their termination could place registrants at risk of losing specified rights and benefits, such as those related to health insurance."
"Some local governments that currently extend health insurance and other benefits to domestic partners may be impacted."
Florida all ready has four statutes that define marriage as only between one man and one woman.
So tell me, inform me, and explain to me the reason of the loss of funds to pass this amendment… Just pure and simple hatred.
What are we protecting? The “Institute of Sacred Marriage”” Between a Man a Woman? stands for :
“’We believe that the institution of marriage serves both a personal and a public purpose within our society. As such, our public policy should promote healthy and strong marriages, rather than seek to create new definitions of marriage that undermine the institution’s role and which are not in the best interest of children.

When you create a same-sex marriage, you are simultaneously creating a same-sex family. And now the question becomes what is the impact to children? Same sex marriage subjects children to a vast untested social experiment. The bottom line is that kids need a mom and a dad. An enormous body of research in peer reviewed journals over the past 30-40 years demonstrates that kids always do better when they are raised in a home with a married mother and father”’.
I was raised in a home with a married mother and father. First my parents got married very young or maybe they had me and had to get married I do not know and do not care to know at this time of my life. Some things are never told or never asked.
After only maybe 1 year of marriage they got divorced, I went to live with my grandparents and mother. My father remarried once and twice that same sacred marriage thing…. We want to save so much…
My mother after 5 years met a widower with a bunch of children and we all became a big “’happy family” they were married 25 years. My step father was a hostile, drunk son of a b….. that I wished that were married only a year instead of 25.. Did they love each other probably…
Or we wanted to save the marriage of my big sister after 2 or 3 years living together they decided to get married had two kids and after having the second kid, he decided that she was crazy, and needed some comfort with another woman.. Yes she cached them together in an apartment.
Or we wanted to save the meaning of the marriage of my brother after living together with the mother of his children for 7 years she insisted to get married and after 2 years she decided to “’work a lot”” and have an affair.
Are these the marriages that we are trying to save!!! I know there are a lot of good marriages, what are the effects of our society that we are trying to save.?
Straight regular marriages are the ones giving a bad name to the word Marriage, to the example of Marriage. We just want the recognition of our love, our commitment and faithfulness. Just like you do.!!
I just attended a “”GAY MARRIAGE”” in Sonoma, California last month, It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been. The peace you could feel at the location and the love that you could feel it was amazing. I have never felt this kind of atmosphere in any traditional Man and Woman marriage ceremony.
And now they do know if their marriage is still legal after Proposition 8. Shame on you California!!!
A year ago a my partner and I had a “’commitment ceremony”’ We celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a lovely ceremony and party. We had 100 guests and of course everyone went it did not bother them it was a two woman thing… they partied and ate and drank all of our liquor. We were there with all my family and my daughter’s. Yes we are a regular family: I work, she works (less than me) but works more in the house, take care of the girls, does homework with them, cooks dinner, I pay bills and work more and take care of my family, pay the mortgage etc. My daughter’s are two beautiful happy girls that they know they have to mommies and are ok by it.
So are you doing me wrong.. With your hatred, maybe.. Because I still need to show my daughters that some day we are all equals and that people mean it.

Thomas said...

Are we going to do anything? Why do we arouse ourselves at campaign time and then let this issue fade into the distance, only to be brought up again in another election... I'm tired of being used as an example, I'm tired of news outlets only caring about us as far as it gets them an edge over an competitor and I'm tired of the complacency within the gay population. What is happening in California, the rioting, the protesting - that is AMERICA. Nothing has come to any subjugated group in this country until unity is achieved and a revolt is brought to light! It's time we do something. WE NEED TO ORGANIZE, WE NEED TO UNITE, WE NEED TO PROTEST. CHANGE THIS WEBSITE TO "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" LETS RALLY TOGETHER, GO TO WASHINGTON, AND REALLY CHANGE THIS SITUATION.

Amanda4change008 said...

Yes, I believe we need to stand up and protest because that is the only way things will change here.

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent."
--Martin Luther King, Jr.

Amanda4change008 said...

Amendment 2 and Proposition 8 both go against Amendment 14 in the U.S. Constitution, therefore shouldn't it be declared unconstitutional??

Thomas said...

it takes people to unite and say something. and it won't change like you said until we protest.

jillygrrrl said...

I am deeply disappointed with the No on 2 campaign. When I looked on the website and saw the top 10 reasons to vote no on 2, there was no mention of gay or lesbian on this list. Let's call this what it is. It is discrimination against gays and lesbians. Ask most people why they voted Yes on 2 and they will tell you that it is because they are religious and believe homosexuality is a sin. This was not about straight unmarried couples like all of the TV ads suggested. It was about anit-gay rhetoric from the pulpit. Now what? I'll be looking for the protests and boycotts.

Schrack Attack said...

I want to do something but don't know how...anyone know the first step in trying to fight this? "No on 2" site just admits defeat and doesn't show any ideas on how to argue this, fight this...and gain equality.

Roger D. said...

I've done some research. Here is a good article on marriage. I do believe Amendment 2 is a hate crime made legal. The above pdf also explains other states same-sex marriage laws and civil unions. If the gay community can get away from using the term marriage I think we could get ahead. What we want is equal rights and protection. I wrote the ACLU and was given a reply. They will back any law suit against a domestic partner issue. In fighting back, we have a choice. We could begin the process of too adding an Amendment protecting Domestic Partner and Civil Unions. It would be a long road but could be ready for voting in 2 years. Application and petitioning would have to begin and we would need 600,000 signatures. Then the wording would have to be such that it's not made out to be "marriage" which has been the problem. It would take hard work and legal assistance (lots of money). When it comes to the language it would have to be just as convoluted (in our favor)as Amendment 2. Doing this quietly may work better than being overly loud about it. ( not some much public notice but more by face to face campaign). I've seen legal issues get passed this way before,especially at local levels. Another choice is a mass exodus from the state. The ballot for the Amendment stated "revenue and expenditures cannot be determined, but is expected to be minor". If they were more than minor would it make a difference. My partner and I have already looked into moving to another state ( one of our choices), we have also been approached by our close lesbian couple that we have know for 20 years. The option here ( choice two)is to marry them, with prenups and all. We would also gain social security benefits by swapping our partners checks once we reach retirement. It would be odd but for now we would have legal protection should one of our partners ends up in the hospital. Maybe some lawyer, The ACLU or other organization with lots of lobby power could step up to the plate. But still we would all have to campaign.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to me that Floridians voted for Obama but against gay marriage.

What might this say about people voting for Obama?

What might this say about people who vote for traditional marriage?

Maybe we can't predict these groups as well as we thought. Black people came our in droves in support for Obama, but they threw their support largely for Amendment 2.

What does this mean?

Schrack Attack said...


thanks for the info. I will be researching some more myself and use the info you provided to place on my blog, and a large blog i contribute to, - they are working hard to let our community know what we can do to fight here in fl and around the us. i will post info here soon.

Thomas said...

it is sad that the people who organized this campaign have said or done nothing.

there was barely a page of news about this, and its disgraceful.

I went to the library and took out the book Disent in America. I think everyone should read it. Nothing is going to come to us unless we do a real protest. Not just signing an E-petition, and being mad on a blog. It's frustrating for me because I know I want to do so much but as one I am limited. I am going to join the democratic groups and hopefully people rally against this, while the ball is rolling.. instead of waiting until it affects them and start to complain.

Roger D. said...

The Christian right did everything according to the books. (Though some of this could be questioned illegal). My daughter- in- law’s signature was on the original petition to add this amendment. I asked her about it and she said she signed no petition. It was from a church that she had not attended for nearly 5 years. Is it forgery? How many signatures on the original petition were forged in order to get 600,000. In any case they got 600,000 signatures. They cannot be e-signatures these were door to door hand written with address to boot. And as I just said “ how many were legal”. I truly believe to do anything would be to right an Amendment that is just as stealthy and eloquently written if not better than Amendment 2. It cannot look or sound like “gay marriage” or gay anything. If majority of the states in these united have put on the books anti-gay marriage amendments we are battling a war we cannot win. We need a Trojan Horse. Beautifully written on the outside, our goal on the inside. Even I cannot write something like that but I’m sure someone out there can. A PhD, political major or even a really, really ,really good lawyer. Campaigning for this would have to be just as stealthy. But in 2 years it would not be a major election and would not get as much attention. This election got us the first African-American President. His eloquent speeches and stature won the day. I am overjoyed he won. But the double edge sword was brought out. Hispanic and African-American voters came out in droves which also brought out many more conservative rights who statistically much more anti-gay or pro-marriage. I’m trying not to step on toes but also bringing out reality. In all my years (I turn 50 next year) the only way I’ve seen gay rights make it to the books is with way less fan fair. I can even remember the day Palm Beach county added anti-discrimination laws for same sex couples to purchase real estate or work in government. It was added with no fan fair because it was added as an ordinance. Broward County on the other hand tried with all its fan fair and lost. I’m only writing what I remember so if I didn’t get it right let me know. We should begin now if we are to add to the books a new amendment, all the information is online as to how to do this. But we need a writer first to have an Amendment that is truly eloquent. Think of the founding fathers in writing the Constitition. Even Jefferson writing “Freedom of Religion” or “Freedom from Religion” which will better serve the future? The decision did not come in a day or week.

smromkey said...

We can elect an African American President by a landslide, but hate and bigotry are still present just redirected at another group of people, Gays And Lesbians. You would think that in this day and age, people would be more fair and open minded. You would think that people where smarter and could detect sleazy underhanded hidden discrimination.

If Gays and Lesbians are already unable to marry in the state of Florida, then why would an amendment to the states constitution be necessary? The “Protection of Marriage Act“, what a joke, the only decline in divorce is because people are not getting married these days.

I am outraged that Amendment 2 was even on the ballet. The majority of the people who voted where uninformed about the subject and when reading it, it was very misleading, because it did not go into details or discus domestic partnership and how it would be effected. This impacts gay and straight couple alike who co-habitat instead of getting married. Both Disney and the airlines here in Florida, along with a couple other larger companies offer Domestic Partner Benefits.

The problem is, all the straight folk, didn't know it could also effect them, other wise the vote would of been swayed in the opposite direction. I’d bet they’d be in a up roar if Domestic Partner Benefits cease to exist and there are no insurance benefits or free airline tickets to their girlfriend/boyfriends (partners) at least they have the option of being forced into marriage for these benefits again.

Why are people still letting other control how they think, feel and opinions they should have about Gays and Lesbians? Any so called religious group that preaches fear or hatred to any other group or tries to mandate how one should live, is not doing the work of God in my opinion. Jesus did not come to earth as a fearing political or religious leader, he was born to a couple no one knew, they where not of money, stature or power. He lived as a humble carpenter, who lead by example and taught and spread kindness and love. He was not a feared man, spurting fire and brimstone.

This is an unconstitutional and should not be allowed to pass no matter how many mislead votes it received!

Florida4Marriage claims that legal union of gays & lesbians would hurt Florida Marriages and Families, they want to preserve marriage. Well the problem is not gays and lesbians, we already can’t get married. The problem is straight couples don’t feel the need to get married. Gays & Lesbians, have nothing to do with the fact that Florida already, out of any other state has the highest divorce rate, according to the data prepared by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics show ,of the states reporting, Florida had the most divorces with 66,712 from January to September 2006.

Another thing that angers me is that during PRIDE, 135,000 estimated gay and lesbian and growing every year, generate millions of dollars, for Central Florida’s economy. You’re greedy enough to take our money, but not gracious enough to let us legally take vows with our monogamous partners. This is how Florida repays us, with hate and bigotry!

You can’t stop us from taking vows or from being committed to one another. A family is a family with or with out a piece of paper, with two women, two men, or a single parent and their children. These groups that says there protecting the act of marriage or protecting children in the name of Christianity or under any other name. It’s a lie!
This is why we have a separation of church and state. There taking away peoples rights.

Like in Arkansas, they made it so only married couples can adopted. You’re only hurting the children. The only kids they let gays and lesbians adopt where terminally ill children that no one wanted. Gay and lesbian couples who adopted these children should be applauded. Do you know how much time, devotion and care, not to mention financial responsibility it takes to care for these kids.

I think next time, you let someone else think for you on what is right or wrong, think for yourself. Research information before you vote on little know facts and vote responsibly.

Shawna Romkey
Florida Resident

Thomas said...

bottom line. this is wrong, it's unconstitutional.

it doesn't matter if two trillion people signed a petition. when in our history has it stood to let the majority discriminate against the minority?

it hasn't. and it's only changed as i've said, through protest.

this is wrong, these churches should be stripped of tax breaks if they are going to push legislation.

Terry said...

There are nationwide protests planned on Nov 15th to protest prop 8 in California, but it would be a good time for us to get visibility here too.

There are currently planned protests in Miami, Jax, and Orlando. I'm hoping one gets planned in my area too. If you live near any of those, please go!

ericwa said...

Try going to

ericwa said...

Try going to wedding catering