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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

URGENT: Phoning for Florida

No matter where you live if you have a telephone and an internet connection, you can help!

It is too close to call. That's how pollsters and the media are describing the amendment fight.

Six of the latest polls show that support is steadily declining the more people understand the harmful impact on gay and straight couples alike. We still have an enormous number of people to reach before election day and you can help.

We have organized virtual phone banks, empowering anyone nationwide to help us educate and mobilize fair-minded voters in these final, crucial weeks and help defeat the so-called "Florida Marriage Amendment.

Already allies in Oregon, Maryland, DC, North Carolina, New York and Georgia have stepped up to help hundreds of Florida volunteers get our message out.

In fact, our good friends at Georgia Equality are working to put a phone bank together and they have handed out VoteNoOn2 materials at a pride event that draws lots of Floridians across the border.

This is truly an All Hands on Deck moment. We need our national, state and local allies standing with us as we enter the final weeks as we reach out to 250,000 crucial voters.

It is easy. We will give you a brief training and the software is easy and intuitive even for those who are technologically inclined.

If you want to phone bank once or once a week - we need you.
If you will call from home or bring a team together- we need you.

We all know that a handful of votes in Florida can make all the difference for all of us.

Help us make history and defeat this amendment.

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