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Friday, October 3, 2008

Florida Amendment 2 Takes Center Stage On Ballot

First Coast News
Florida Amendment 2 Takes Center Stage On Ballot
October 3, 2008

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Shane Denmark and his partner of four years have no plans of getting married anytime soon. But they want the option.

Under Amendment 2, their chance to marry could be gone.

Amendment 2 is a proposed amendment to the Constitution of Florida that protects marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman.

Florida law already defines it that way but writing the amendment into the Constitution would prevent state judges from overturning the law to allow gay marriage.

Denmark is the president of Merge Jacksonville, a group representing the gay and lesbian population on the First Coast. He is against amendment 2.

"The bottom line is that everyone should have the right to choose if they want to be married, if they want to have a domestic partnership or they want to have a civil union," Denmark told First Coast News.

But Daniel Riddick with Trinity Baptist Church has the opposite view.

"Marriage is foundational and it has also traditionally been observed between one man and one woman," says Riddick. "Basically we believe it's what is best for the family and not only for the family, for the children."

He has been part of a seven-city tour of Florida, speaking to pastors and congregations about voting yes on 2 come election day.

Denmark and his group are also voicing their concerns about the amendment at various events throughout Jacksonville.

Both sides will be watching closely when voters decide on the amendment November 4th.

It needs 60-percent of the vote to pass.

A "yes" bote means you support adding "man-woman marriage only" to the state constitution.

A "no" vote means you favor no action.

California and Arizona are voting on similar measures.


Ezekiel Haynes, Jr. said...

Voting No on 2 is what will hurt Florida families. We need to vote yes to protect Florida families.