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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stand with Barack Obama & Vote NO on Amendment 2.

(Please share this with your members, friends and family. Defeating Amendment 2 will protect our health insurance benefits.)

Vote NO On Amendment 2

Amendment 2 threatens to take away health insurance benefits and other legal protection from all unmarried Floridians.

Stand with Barack Obama and Vote NO on Amendment 2.

"Florida Amendment 2 does nothing to bring people together and could, in fact, keep people apart or deny millions of Floridians access to basic rights and legal protections. "

- Senator Barack Obama

Civil rights leaders across the state and nation are speaking out AGAINST Amendment 2.

Don't be fooled. The so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" doesn't protect anyone.

In fact, it will TAKE AWAY health care benefits and other protections for ALL unmarried Floridians including seniors, firefighters and government employees. More than 260 civil rights, faith, seniors, student, union, and community organizations are working right now to DEFEAT Amendment 2.

Stand with the Florida NAACP and Vote NO On Amendment 2

"Amendment 2 is just another worn out election trick to divide voters and distract us from real priorities.

We are tired of these attempts to manipulate black voters in presidential election years. While we may have different opinions on the issue of marriage, we are absolutely united in opposition to adding an amendment to the Florida Constitution that would take away vital protections for all unmarried people."

- Adora Obi Nweze, Florida NAACP President

Stand with Civil Rights Leaders and Vote No On Amendment 2

"(This Amendment) stink of the same fear, hatred, and intolerance

I have known in racism and in bigotry."

- Civil Rights Leader, Congressman John Lewis

Stand with Faith Leaders and Vote No On Amendment 2

"The Black Church has been part of a movement that has expanded the constitutional rights of other human beings not restricted them. This is an attempt to use the constitution to restrict peoples rights. For moral, legal and religious reasons, the Black Church must be at the heart of the movement intending to affirm human beings not to deny them rights and privileges."

- Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Stand with Our Elected Leaders and Vote No On Amendment 2

Stand with Congressmen Kendrick Meek and Alcee Hastings.

Stand with Sen. Tony Hill, Rep. Audrey Gibson.

Stand with Rep. Joseph Gibbons, Chair of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators

We Oppose Amendment 2

NAACP of Florida

Florida Nurses Association

National Black Justice Coalition Action Fund

League of Women Voters

AFL-CIO Florida

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

ACLU of Florida

Equality Florida

FL Consumer Action Network

Florida United Church of Christ

Florida Alliance for Retired Americans

Florida College Democrats

Florida Education Association

People for the American Way

Pride at Work, AFL-CIO

Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry, FL (UULMF)

United Church of Christ Florida (UCC)

(full list at

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