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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lawyer Group Opposes Same-Gender Marriage Amendment 2

Lawyer Group Opposes Same-Gender Marriage Amendment 2
October 9, 2008

Members of the legal community are joining forces in opposition to a statewide ballot measure that would ban gay marriage by specifying that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

More than 150 lawyers from across the state signed a letter against Amendment 2, claiming that its wording is vague and could lead to the revocation of domestic partnership rights and fewer domestic violence convictions.

Supporters of Amendment 2 say that's a scare tactic.

The letter was released Wednesday by Florida Red & Blue, a bipartisan campaign fighting the ``Florida Marriage Protection Amendment.''

The attorneys are encouraging voters on Nov. 4 to say ''no'' to the proposal, which opponents say will have consequences on all unmarried couples in Florida, gay and straight.

If the amendment is approved by 60 percent of voters, it will be added to the Constitution.

Those against the amendment say it could lead to the potential loss of existing legal protection and benefits, including alimony, estate planning and domestic partnership registries.

Among the lawyers who signed the letter: former Florida House speakers Peter Wallace and Richard Pettigrew, and Talbot ''Sandy'' D'Alemberte, former president of the American Bar Association and former president of Florida State University.